Sunday, 3 May 2009

Concept Idea for Disease game!

A disease or medical condition is an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions, associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors, such as invading organisms, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such as autoimmune diseases.


K1ng Constantine said...

Ok, it's a concept but how will it work? Are you visualizing this as a kind of mouse based puzzle game?

RetroCoders said...

This will be a xbox360 community game. A disease ridden Virus world. New killer outbreak in real time across world map. player can control borders, vacs, masks etc etc to stop the spread. Last resort player can even Nuke an area to stop spread. Its all about numbers, sacrificing a few million to save the rest. Real time update on 6.5 billion population.